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NA Phone Meetings Mission

We are recovering addicts who meet regularly on the telephone to help one another stay clean. Our mission is to provide Outreach meetings as another tool to stay clean and help isolated addicts stay in touch with the mainstream of the NA fellowship.

Tradition Three states:

The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop using.
Many recovering addicts do not have access to regular meetings because of incarceration, geography, physical disability, or employment. These addicts are members in every respect as long as they have the desire to stop using, and they are entitled to the same consideration and support as any other member (It Works How and Why, p. 146).

Some meetings are registered with Narcotics Anonymous World Service (NAWS). Each phone meeting is formed by a group of addicts - groups and service committees are administered by NA members - for members. Each group is autonomous, holds its own group conscious meeting, and has trusted servants in keeping with the Twelve Traditions and the Twelve Concepts of NA.

Phone meetings were created for addicts who are unable to attend outside meetings due to illness, limited child care, work demands, transportation issues or any other life circumstances. Narcotics Anonymous suggest you go to meetings often and stay clean. Please join us if you are interested in participating in meetings with people from around the world!

Long-Distance Charges Apply

Telephone calls are NOT toll-free. International and long-distance charges apply to the caller. Please be mindful of your long distance contract or cellular minutes.